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The largest energy savings within pumping systems lie within modifying the pumping system.


TAS Online performs pumping system assessments at industrial, water distribution, mining, municipal, farming and other sites to find the potential improvements in energy consumption and pump reliability and to assist the client in realising them.

We work both directly for the client and as sub contractor to larger energy and engineering consultants who are tasked with optimising the entire process.

Our Engineers have twenty-five years experience, primarily in the field of testing, assessing and monitoring pumps. We draw on this experience when approaching each assessment.


Engage with personnel. Measure all individual pump and pumping system parameters, including; flow, pressure, power and energy consumed. Plot on pump and system curves as applicable.


Analyse data and information from personnel to determine sources of energy wastage and poor reliability, such as; over pumping, inefficiency, lack of or poor control, incorrect pump selection etc.


Assess potential interventions, such as; variable speed drives, different pumps, pump control etc, and determine financial cost and benefit.


Assist client to formulate plan or action and assist technically thereafter.

Train personnel if this improves their ability to implement and sustain savings. 

Pumping System Assessment Clients


The NCPC uses TAS Online to perform pumping system assessments at industrial, mining, farming, bulk water supply and municipal sites. TAS Online's experience and expertise in the field is significant and I would recommend their services. 

Sashay Ramdharee, Project Manager: Energy Systems Optimisation, Strategic Initiatives Implementation Unit, National Cleaner Production Centre (CSIR)

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