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Alignments are performed by Riaan Dreyer. He has an in depth understanding of all aspects of multistage, end suction and split casing pumps which he gained from 30 years of experience as a Fitter and Pump Technician on gold mines and in the pump industry.

Advantages of TAS Online Alignments

A highly qualified and experienced pump specialist performs all alignments.

Easy Laser D480 can align machine up to 10m long and checks for soft foot.

Easy-Laser D90 Pulley Alignment Tool assists to determine how end suction pulleys are misaligned and how to fix. 

Assist the Artisan and Foreman with problem diagnosis during the site visit. Additional vibration analysis can reveal issues not related to the alignment.

Alignment results can be viewed by the client on the laser machine screen and are included in a report sent through within 24 hours. 

EasyLaser D90 Belt Alignment.jpg
TAS Online Alignment 1.jpg
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