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TAS Online are Channel Partners for Flowmetrix flow meters. All Flowmetrix Mag Flow and Doppler flow meters are made in South Africa.

Our distribution agreement is applicable to;

  • Westonaria to Klerksdorp

  • North-West Province

  • Eastern Cape

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Why buy a SAFMAG Flowmeter

  • High accuracy, highly repeatable

  • Local manufacture and support

  • 0.17 l/s to 3850 l/s, DN10 – DN700

  • AC coil Technology for mining and paper pulps – ACMPU converter

  • DC coil pulsing for general use – DCMPU converter

  • Flanged or economical wafer format sensor

  • Calibrated in SANAS traceable calibration facility

  • Simple touch control programming

  • Empty pipe detection, Bi-directional flow outputs and totalisation

  • Lower cost Beta converter

  • Used for; bulk flows, dosing, process control, batching, mining slurries, chemical dosing, acids, fertilizer, water distribution and sewage.

Batmag Flow Meter.jpg

Flowmetrix BATMAG flow meters

  • Mag flowmeter power by battery ideal for remote applications.

  • Accuracy +-1% of flow rate > 0.5m/s

  • Includes data transmission to MyCity cloud database for viewing and downloading.

  • Optional inclusion of pressure transducer.

  • Battery life up to ten years.

  • Ideal for municipalities, water boards, farmers and waste water.

  • Low cost, non intrusive, no moving parts, no maintenance.

Magnetic Probe Insert Flow Meter.jpg

Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeter

  • Cost effective solution for large pipes.

  • Easy to install, especially where pipeline cannot be disrupted.

  • Accuracy +-3% of flow rate > 0.5m/s.

  • Can be battery powered.


Flowmetrix Open Flow Measurement

  • South African design and manufacture.

  • Supply of systems with rectangular or Parshall flumes.

  • Canal flow measurement using weirs and level sensor.

  • Open Flow Canal Meter uses a Flowmetrix water velocity sensor on the canal floor and overhead level sensor to determine canal flow. Using level and velocity results in more accurate measurement than just using level.

  • Sewer flow measurement using level sensor.

  • All instruments can be linked to the South African developed MyCity data system to enable user to view data on website and download.

  • All instruments can be battery operated for remote application.

Additional Products and Services

  • Doppler flow meter design and manufacture in South Africa.

    • Applicable to liquids with light solids to heavy slurries.​

    • DN25 – DN3000

    • Lower cost option for mining slurries, paper pulps, sewage, Effluent and more.

    • Portable and permanent models.

    • Flow switch version.

  • Flow meter calibration service using SANAS traceable calibration references at the works in Durban.

  • Eesiflo ultrasonic flow meters.

  • Imported Safsonic less costly range of ultrasonic flow meters.

  • Local manufacture, support and repair.

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