Fifteen years experience performing monthly or quarterly Level 1 pump chamber audits at underground mines.

We perform pump pump testing and pump station audits for bulk water and municipal water suppliers.

Accurately measure flow, pressure and power to determine efficiency.

Plot where the pump is operating on its curve.

Determine wear and how this affects pumping cost.

Plot performance on the pump curves.

Provide recommendation on pump refurbishment.

Engage with Pump Foreman and Engineer to discuss pump condition and actions required.

Record pump hours at each test to document efficiency at start and end of life and hours in service.

We use full spectrum vibration analysis to reveal mechanical breakdown, misalignment, looseness, bearing problems, cavitation and more.

Pipe Thickness Audits

Column thickness auditing of suction pipes and delivery pipes in the pump station up to the point where it enters the shaft.

Audits performed annually to obtain rate of wall thickness reduction to reduce risk and plan for replacements.

Thermodynamic pump performance testing

Thermodynamic pump performance testing uses extremely accurate instrumentation to measure pump efficiency and flow by measuring water temperature before and after the pump. The method is extremely accurate.

Pump flow can be measured when a flow meter cannot be installed.


TAS Online are Robertson (Australia) Agents and are the only company in SA to offer the technology.


Portable and fixed systems available.


Fixed system allows user to see performance of pump live on pump curves and controls pumps for optimal energy usage.

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Data Logging

Logging of power, flow and pressure over any period.

Flow Verification

Verify installed flow meters using calibrated ultrasonic flow meters

Recent Pump Testing at Midvaal Water Company

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