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TAS Online was formed in 2004 to promote TAS PumpMonitor software which enables remote monitoring of Pumps.
Our client base for this system, and associated services, are primarily in the mining sector. In 2008 we began offering pump testing and pumping system assessment services to all industries and we now have considerable experience in many environments.

TAS Online are Flowmetrix partners in the mining sector. We are proud to be associated with these quality electromagnetic, Insertion, Doppler and Channel flow meters manufactured in South Africa.

The Team

Greg Adcock

Greg Adcock (B.Sc. Mech. Eng.) joined TAS Online in 2004. Greg performs pumping system assessments, compiles pump monitoring reports, and runs the remote monitoring systems. This work occurs at mining, industrial, water distribution and farming sites. Greg runs TAS Online's operations and sales, contact him for any inquiries.

Harry Rosen
HR Photo1.png

Harry Rosen (Pr.Eng), the founder of TAS Online, developed the TAS PumpMonitor software that TAS Online uses. Harry has undertaken many on site pumping system assessments and performs client specific pump training. Harry consults to the United Nations Development Organisation where he trains and mentors pump assessment partners worldwide.

Riaan Dreyer
Riaan Dreyer.jpg

Riaan did his Fitter and Turner apprenticeship at Anglo Gold and then worked as a Pump Fitter on mines around Westonaria. Following this Riaan worked for Grifo and Scamont Engineering commissioning, aligning, testing and fault finding on large multistage and PD pumps.  Riaan joined TAS Online in 2017 and runs the companies pump testing service.


We have offices in Johannesburg, Westonaria and George

Contact Greg Adcock on +27 (0)84 504 2780 or

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