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TAS PumpMonitor

  • Pumps consume 20% of the world’s total electrical energy

  • Pumps are on average 15-40% inefficient

  • Traditional condition monitoring is ineffective in optimizing pump operation

The Solution
A unique product developed by Engineers with over 16 years experience providing solutions to the pump industry worldwide.

TAS Online (Pty) Ltd has developed a tool to give you ongoing real time visibility into your pump’s performance delivered to your office desktop. Knowing exactly where your pump is operating on its performance curve relative to its Best Efficiency Point (BEP), will deliver substantial savings in Life Cycle Costs arising from:

  • Reduced power consumption – savings of up to 30% in some cases.

  • Reduced maintenance costs – seals, bearings, impellers, and shafts will have a longer operating life and fail less often.

  • Reduced production down-time resulting from unpredicted pump failure.

If required, the TAS Online team is available to assist you in interpreting the TAS PUMPMONITOR reports and in deciding on necessary remedial action.